Think green

A sustainable approach

In a world where green thinking and the protection of the environment are becoming priorities, Transport Optimal© wishes to make a difference by promoting green houses gases control (GHG) and developing projects aiming at reducing GHG.

Global warming is caused by GHG such as carbon dioxide (CO2).The term “global warming” refers to an increase of the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans, a modification directly linked to the various global climate changes.

This increase of the average temperature translates by an increased level of the sea, the melting of the polar glacier and by an accrued intensity of hurricanes and various meteorological disasters.

Transport optimal offices are powered by 40 Mega Watts of solar panels positioned on the roof of our building.

We are proud to say we are preventing 34 acres of deforestation each year alongside 36 tons of CO2 from our zero-carbon facility.